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Information about Planet Ayurveda Lakshadi Guggul Tablet

Planet Ayurveda Lakshadi Guggul contains Laksha, Asthisamharaka, Arjuna Ashwagandha, Nagabala, Shuddh Guggulu. It is a wonderful herbal formula which is used to enhance calcium deposition on bones. It is also recommended for low bone density, osteopenia, strains, sprains and even fractures.
Benefits of Planet Ayurveda Lakshadi Guggul:
It helps to reduce general weakness, inflammatory conditions, arthritis, boils, hemorrhoids, sprains, bursitis, muscle aches, cramps, stiffness, strained muscles, swollen joints, fever and resistive motion injury.
It can effectively relieve muscle pain and also can relieve ruptured ligaments.
It helps to relieve pain and dislocation of joints & Strengthens weak bones and relieves fractured bones.
Directions of use:
It is advised for people to take 2-3 tablets of Lakshadi Guggul two times in a day or as directed by the Physician. One must remember that these capsules must be taken only after meals and should be taken with plain water only.
Use under medical supervision.