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Information about Healthaid Sibergin 2500 Capsule

Healthaid Sibergin 2500 capsule contains Siberian ginseng which is a powerful adaptogen than can help promote a feeling of stamina and endurance. It is a potent herb that helps combat fatigue and promote general wellbeing for men and women of all ages. Sibergin contains 500mg of standardised Eleuthero Extract. These capsules are good to stimulate and strengthen the immunity system and protect the body against the adverse effects of stress. Ginseng is truly a life saver as it is consumed by many people nowadays to maintain vitality and energy

Key benefits of Healthaid Sibergin 2500 capsule:
Helps enhance mental and physical strength
Acts as a powerful adaptogen
Helps promotoe general well being
Increases strength and energy level in men and women

The direction for use:
One capsule daily upon rising. Wait 20 minutes before eating. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person

Use under medical supervision