Jiva Rasna Saptak Kwath Dry
Jiva Rasna Saptak Kwath Dry

Jiva Rasna Saptak Kwath Dry

Jiva Rasna
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Information about Jiva Rasna Saptak Kwath Dry

Jiva Rasnasaptak Kwath Dry is excellent in treating various musculoskeletal and joint diseases. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago, sciatica, spondylosis, general back ache respond well to this Ayurvedic preparation. While rasna, giloya, and devdaroo are excellent analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, gokshur and punarnava are potent diuretics and therefore reduce swellings. Eranda and amaltaas are known to be good purgatives. They ignite the gastric fire, digestion and eliminate toxins from the body and act against flatulence.
Jiva Rasnasaptak Kwath Dry has Gokshur, Rasna, Giloya, Eranda , Clove, Devdaroo, Punarnava, Amaltaas etc.
Directions of use:
Soak 10 gm Jiva Rasnasaptak Kwath Dry powder in 160 ml water overnight. Boil the liquid to reduce it to 1/4th of the quantity. Filter and drink warm. Honey can be added as a sweetener.
Jiva Rasnasaptak Kwath Dry is prescribed to patients suffering from rheumatic diseases and spinal problems.
Jiva Rasnasaptak Kwath Dry alleviates aggravated Vata and Kapha doshas and is useful in digestive disorders as well.
Contraindications: None.
Use under medical supervision.