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Information about Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry

Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry is extremely useful in puerperal diseases like fever, anorexia, anaemia, body ache, joint pain and general edema, coughing and breathing problems, pharyngitis, and giddiness. Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry contains solanum surratense, which acts as a Kapha and Vata palliative and is very effective  
in menstrual disorders, puerperal disorders and in subsiding swelling in the reproductive organs. Also contains stereospermum suaveolens, which is extremely beneficial in the palliation of tri-doshas. Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry strengthens the female reproductive system and is effective in general debility, too.
Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry has Prushniparni, Bruhati, Kantakari, Agnimanth, Shyonak, 
Gambhari, Patla, Shaliparni etc.
Directions of use:
Soak 10 gm Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry powder in 160 ml water overnight. Boil the liquid to reduce it to 1/4th of the quantity. Filter and drink warm. Honey can be added as a sweetener.
Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry is recommended for Fever, anorexia, anaemia, body ache, joint pain, general edema, and coughing and breathing problems.
Jiva Dashmool Kwath Dry alleviates aggravated Vata and Kapha doshas and is useful in post-delivery complications.
Contraindications: None.
Use under medical supervision.