Vasu Maxcal-C Tablet
Vasu Maxcal-C Tablet
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Information about Vasu Maxcal-C Tablet

Vasu Maxcal C Tablet is a natural, herbal Calcium supplement. Calcium with Vitamin C enhances calcium absorption. Maxcal-C ensures optimum Calcium availability during pregnancy, lactation and growth stages in children.

Benefits of Vasu Maxcal-C Tablet:
Biologically active natural Calcium
Amla (richest source of natural Vitamin C), helps calcium absorption.
Better tolerance without chalky taste

Maxcal-C Tablet ensures calcium supplementation during childhood, pregnancy, and lactation. It is also useful for osteoporosis and fractures healing.

Direction for use:
One to two tablets, thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Use under Medical supervision.