Lupin Chyawanprash
Lupin Chyawanprash

Lupin Chyawanprash

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Information about Lupin Chyawanprash

Lupin Chyawanprash is a herbal dietary supplement for improving overall health and immunity. It contains herbal extracts of Amla, Piipali and Ashwagandha.

Amla is a natural oxidant that flushes out toxins from body, fortifies our liver, nourishes brain, strengthens lungs, improves muscle tone, conditions urinary system, balances stomach acids and is a very good body coolant.It exhibits anti aging properties by decreasing the levels of free radicals in our body.
Ashwagandha is an excellent stress buster, relieves anxiety, lack of sleep and offers relief from nervous exhaustion and fatigue. It gives strength, vitality, promotes physical and mental health.
Ashwagandha energizes and calms at the same time. It also slows down ageing,boosts immunity, relieves pain and increases longevity.
Pippali is a digestive aid, which also relieves cough, cold and many other respiratory disorders It is helpful in alleviating a number of conditions. It relieves cough, cold,useful in ascites,skin diseases,diabetes,abdominal tumor and also haemorrhoids.

Lupin Chyawanprash is a health tonic with rejuvenative properties.It keeps ailments at bay and helps lead a healthy life.

Dosage : One to two tablespoonful a day.

Use under medical supervision.