Rosiflex Capsule

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Information about Rosiflex Capsule

Rosiflex Capsule is a nutritional supplement enriched with a unique and safe natural ingredient, Rosehip extract. Rosiflex brings relief from the pain and rigidity of joint problems such as Arthritis. It is extremely safe even on long-term use. Regular use of Rosiflex capsule for about 3 weeks offers pain relief, keeps joints healthy enhances mobility flexibility. Rosiflex useful in Osteoarthritis.

Role of key ingredient:
Rosehip extract contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, which helps ease joint inflammation and prevent joint damage. Rosehip extract improves joint flexibility. It decrease joint pain, improve joint health and increase mobility and flexibility in arthritic patient.

Dosage: Three capsule twice daily for 3 months, followed by two capsule twice daily on a regular basis or as directed by Physician. You can take it after meals.

Use under medical supervision.