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Information about Vasu Bonton Active Granules Chocolate

Bonton Active Granules contain natural herbs such as Hadjod, Ashwagandha and Arjuna.  It not only strengthens bone structure but also effectively prevents Osteoporosis (Bone weakness)
Hadjod and Ashwagandha help in preventing osteoporosis and Arjuna helps in providing the body with calcium. 
Bonton Active Granules should be used in cases of osteoporosis, bone weakness, and fracture healing. This bone density builder helps in the growth of child and adolescents and it is also used as a calcium supplement before and after menopause, pregnancy or lactation.
Directions of use: 
Take a glass of warm milk
Dissolve one teaspoonful of the Bonton Active Granules in it
Drink the mix twice in a day
Use under medical supervision.