Colatage B Capsule

Colatage B
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Information about Colatage B Capsule

Colatage B Capsule contains Aflapin derived from Boswellia serrata extract (20%) 50mg and Native Collagen Type II (25%) 20mg.
Aflapin is found to be significantly better as an anti-inflammatory agent for osteoarthritis. It provides significant improvements in pain score and functional ability in as early as 5 days of treatment. It is a safe, fast-acting and effective alternative intervention in the management of Osteoarthritis (OA). 
Collagen is a major constituent of Bone Cartilage and loss of Collagen leads to Cartilage damage and Osteoarthritis. Collagen supplementation has an important role in preventing and treating Osteoarthritis because it regenerates cartilage and provides strength in load bearing bones, therefore, improves the flexibility of joints.
Colatage B Capsule is recommended in Osteoarthritis (OA) which is the commonest form of arthritis disease, characterised by articular cartilage degradation with an accompanying peri-articular bone response. 
Direction for use:
One capsule twice daily or as recommended by the dietician.
Use under medical supervision