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Information about Baidyanath Swapandoshhari Tablet

Baidyanath Swapn Doshhari Tablet is an herbal Ayurvedic product that contains Zingiber officinalis, and Piper longam, Piper Nigrum, and Phyl.

Zingiber officinalis is a garlic compound that has antibacterial properties. It also assists in reducing the body blood pressure.
Piper longam or long pepper is added to reduce blood glucose levels. It also improves liver function, thus allowing the organ to process nutrients and filter out toxins.

Baidyanath Swapn Doshhari Tablet is used to restore the body and to improve one energy stores. This also works for the treatment of spermatorrhea, a condition where the body ejaculates without any control over it. And also effective in nocturnal emissions.

Direction for use:
One Tablet is to be used each day. The tablet must be consumed after meal with a glass of water.

Use under medical supervision.