Kairali Vasthyamayanthakam Gritham
Kairali Vasthyamayanthakam Gritham
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Information about Kairali Vasthyamayanthakam Gritham

Kairali Vasthyamayanthaka Gritham contains Darvi Berberis aristata), Madhuka (Madhuka indica), Matsyaka, Padma, Pasanabheda, Brhati, Salaparni, Prisnaparni, Sveta sariva, Krisna sariva, Iksu, Kaseruka, Kapotapanka, Iksuraka, Vasuka, Sigru, Balaka, Varahi, and Varana.

Key benefits of Kairali Vasthyamayanthaka Gritham:
Useful in the treatment of difficulty in urination, diabetes, and Urinary Calculi.
Cure long-standing cases of gonorrhea and blood discharge.
Alleviates all problems affecting the bladder.
A Very effective herbal solution for chronic leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, and oliguria.
Helps improve blood flow, movement and also helps with some stomach and bowel movements.
Helps to relieve giddiness and swooning.

Direction for use:
As directed by a healthcare professional.

Disorders and ailments related to the urinary system - difficulty in urination, Diabetes, and Urinary Calculi.

Safety information:
Keep out of the reach and sight of the children. Always read the label carefully before use.