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Information about Indian Remedies Femsar Capsule

Femsar Capsule is a unique combination of 3 herbal extracts, which are prepared by ultra modern scientific methods which are specially and effectively used in Gynecological diseases like Leucorrhoea of nonspecific origin and similar conditions. Femsar Capsule gives freedom to patients from social embarrassment by removing the foul smell from vaginal discharge.
Benefits of Femsar Capsule: Femsar Capsule is a uterine tonic hence corrects secretions from the uterus. Femsar Capsule regulates the menstrual cycle and helps in regulating scanty flow and dysmenorrhoea. Femsar Capsule effective in controlling post and prenatal Leucorrhoea and acts as an uterotonic. Femsar Capsule helps the pregnancy to proceed normally because many times pregnancy is in danger due to Leucorrhoea and also prevents miscarriage.
Directions of use: 2 Capsules early morning before breakfast and 2 at night or as directed by the Physician.
Use under medical supervision.